Rochells Beauty - SHE PULLED MY HAIR

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I entered Rochell's Hair and beauty services.This *** is Bald and was nice and all until she pulled my *** Hair.

i was all like OH *** NAH. She kept screaming "I WANT IT! I WANT IT!" and i was NO!! U CANT HAVE IT!

So she got scissors and started to cut off my hair. My Child was just watching me and she was crying and saying HELP!

So i got my purse and hit that *** till she was knocked out.MY BABY WAS SCREAMING SOO *** LOUD THAT I TOOK OUT MY HOOPS AND TOLD HER TO GET IN THE *** CAR!

Review about: Weave Slap.



I totally believe this happened.


wow that place is terrible


Yea i went tuh rochells hair and beauty and my wife got her *** *** whooped!I thought she had some more meat on her backbone, I guess dat bi tch should stick to her kitchen work.

Ya kno? Anyway.

i gotta go sauce up my meat.

Take care.



thx for the support bby :)

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